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JESSICA.BLEU: Eco-bag from South Korea

Aujourd’hui, je vous présente la marque JESSICA.BLEU venue tout droit de Corée du Sud !

Today, I am very happy to introduce you to a very talented artist, Jessica Bleu. Jessica lives and works in South Korea and produces a beautiful collection of « ecobags » and accessories.

J’ai rencontré la créatrice de Jessica.Bleu il y a quelques années à Paris. Jessica.Bleu propose principalement un large choix de sac écologique, plus précisément des sac en toile souple ( connue sous le nom de tote bag ). On y retrouve d’autres accessoires tels que des petites pochettes, des serviettes, des sets de table en tissu etc.

C’est au travers de mon interview avec la créatrice que vous allez pouvoir découvrir le monde unique et écologique de cette marque très prometteuse.

Here is her interview !

Hi there ! Let us know more about you ! Who are you ?

Hello. I am Boyeon, the director of JESSICA.BLEU which is a life-style brand in Korea. We make things with fabrics: the main item is a fabric bag.

What’s the idea behind Jessica.bleu, where did the name come from ?

I have travelled around the world so far, and those experiences I’d got helped me to create JESSICA.BLEU. First, about the brand name, when I studied in Canada during my high school years, it was common for everyone to have an English name and mine was Jessica. Since then, I have been calling as Jessica by many (of course, my Korean friends call me Boyeon). So, it basically represents my identity. And ‘Bleu’ means blue in French. Simply because my favorite color is blue, I decided to use it for the brand name; but to try to catch people’s attention more, I used French. The brand name does not really have a serious meaning, but I like it simple and easy. Second, the idea behind JESSICA.BLEU started to introduce fabric bags as a fashion item. As I travelled around the world, I saw so many people using fabric bags and I did it as well. But, in Korea, it was not that common and some people thought it was just a second bag or a grocery bag. Since my mother was always making something by fabric at home, I came up with the idea of running a business with my mom, and she agreed to it. That’s all.

What did you do before you launched Jessica.bleu ?

I was a University student, majoring in Business. I came back to Korea after the study in Paris for one year, and I started a very small business with my mother. At that time, I was a senior in Sung Kyun Kwan University.

What are the main items in your collections?

We make things with different kinds of fabrics. The main item is a fabric bag, which is called as ‘eco-bag’. We started the brand with a concept of using high quality fabrics, usually imported ones, and 100% handmade processes. But, as the business expands, we found nice Korean fabrics as well. Our eco-bags are not just as a second bag or a grocery bag, but a fashion item with eco-friendly and practical uses. Every item has its own unique patterns or colors.


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Do you have a team ?

I started it with my mother. My mother basically makes things, and I do everything except for that. I run my own website, sns (blog, instagram, facebook), make connections with shops in Korea to deliver our products, and do marketing, financial management, and so on!

Where do you get your fabrics from ?

We have some good and reliable connections in Korea. And, I still keep eyes on many different shops to find good fabrics. Moreover, whenever we travel abroad, we shop fabrics.

What is your major source of inspiration?

Usually Arts. Arts have been part of my life. I was majoring in Arts when I was a teenager. After that, even though I changed my major to Business, I was very used to draw, paint, and go to museums or exhibitions. One of my favorite hobbies is to find some good photos or paintings anywhere. Movies are good inspirations, too.

What does your typical work day look like ?

Since I manage so many things by myself, it’s always different. Sometimes, I just stay at home and sit down in front of my iMac for a whole day to do jobs. And sometimes, I go out to shop fabrics, or to take photos of new products, and so on.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned along the way when it comes to starting a new brand in South Korea ?

Lots and lots of courage and patience. Some people might not cheer you up, and think you are crazy because still lots of people believe a good major company equals to a good job. So, you have to be very brave and believe in you. Also, business circumstances couldn’t be always good. It will make you happy one day, and sad one day. You have to patient to make your business stable.

Do you have a store or you sell only online?

I mainly sell products on my website ( I do not have my own offline store, but you can see JESSICA.BLEU at some concept stores in Seoul and Busan.

How do you see the future of your brand?

Nowadays, lots of brands sell eco-bags, which means I have more competitors than before. However, I strongly believe that JESSICA.BLEU’s handmade products are different from those manufactured goods. Our customers like our products because of its good quality and the uniqueness, so the repurchase rates are getting higher and higher even under the very bad economic conditions in Korea. Furthermore, fabrics are everywhere, and we have lots of potentials to create things with fabrics. As long as I do not lose my original intention, I think JESSICA.BLEU will be loved by more people.

Thank you Jessica for this interview ! I wish you the best for the future

Make sure to follow Jessica.Bleu’s work on her website and her Facebook !!  ^_^ 


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